Friday, September 28, 2012

The Space Store

The Space Store began in 1995 and has a physical address in Denver, Colorado, USA. They accept the major credit cards and PAYPAL. Accredited members of the Better Business Bureau they also are a Supporting Partner in the Space Certification Program. Available at The Space Store are NASA items, books, posters, photos, memorabilia and autographs to list just a few items. The left hand column on the home page not only has links to your favorite items, but can lead you to new ideas and opportunities to be involved with space activities. The Free Education Resources page has many links to some of the best opportunities. Ordering items appears easy and there are comments and reviews on many items. A newsletter is available and you can follow The Space Store on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You can also become an affiliate through Commission Junction.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Discovery News - Space

Discovery Communications brings you Space News as part of the Discovery News website. The Space page highlights space-related news items, videos and columnists. Each of the eight contributors brings a different aspect of space to the reader. The Blogroll lists 16 different blogs with space themes. The news items are listed with the latest on top. There are five sections to the "Popular Topics" area. Each news item has a headline and a descriptor sentence or two giving you a chance to decide if you want to read further. There are some advertisements, but they are minimal. You can sign up for Discovery News headlines to be sent via email. You can follow Discovery News on the major social networks.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Space Foundation

Space Foundation's mission is "To advance space-related endeavors to inspire, enable and propel humanity." The foundation is non-profit and has locations in the United States. The website provides access to all aspects of the foundation including events, programs, resources and media. Space Watch give news and opinions of major foundation activities. On the home page you'll find links to most of the current activities and direct connections to the major programs. You can stay connected with the Space Foundation through the major social networks and email.

Monday, September 17, 2012

SEDS - Students for the Exploration and Development of Space

The SEDS website is setup to provide current information about the organization to both members and the general public. Founded in 1980, the group is geared toward young people and provides a networking opportunity for those interested in a space related education. The website has sections for learning about SEDS including a list of Chapters. There is online publication of the quarterly NOVA magazine also available. In the Events section you'll find info on the student-run annual SpaceVision conference, chapter Space Days and other events. There are several projects for members, videos and a photo gallery. You can follow SEDS activities on the main social networks.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Space Adventures

Space Adventure provides spaceflight experiences. It is a private company chaired by Eric Anderson. The website describes four main types of experiences; Lunar, Orbital, Suborbital and Zero Gravity. There are also training experiences including Cosmonaut Overview, Soyuz Simulator, Centrifuge and spacewalk. The home page has access to each of the adventures available plus videos, news and a blog. You can follow Space Adventures through an eNewsletter and the major social networks.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Amazing Space

The Formal Education Group of the Space Telescope Science Institute's Office of Public Outreach produces this website. Material on the site is generally created under contract with NASA. Here you'll find materials used to promote outer space in the classroom. Based on Hubble Space Telescope discoveries, there are a variety of activities for educators, developers and everyone. Educators and developers will find teaching tools and Astronomy basics areas for building classroom activities. Everyone will enjoy the views in the Hubble Gallery and the Star Witness News, lean more about the 2009 Servicing Mission 4 and participate in the Online Explorations. For students, the Homework Help section has many features including; answers to questions, definitions and resources for projects. Everyone should checkout Tonight's Sky for a movie about the current month's highlights.

Friday, September 7, 2012 brings together many of the most popular science fiction and space related scale models for the hobbyist. The site is filled with opportunities to buy scale models, parts and books. On the right hand side of the home page you'll find a handy reference to the Most Popular pages on the website. These are very interesting and you can spend a lot of time examining the details. Many of the model kits are sold on eBay and quick links take you directly to the item you want. The bookstore is connected to There is also a link to that has a great selection to choose from. The website is concerned about your safety when visiting and the Privacy Policy gives explicit information about the site.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012 bring news from all the sciences to one place. While you will find items from Astronomy and Space Exploration reported, you'll also see articles from Archaeology, Biology, Physics, Medicine, Geology and many others. There is a team of editors and reporters that specialize in the various sciences. The news articles are well laid out with the latest news at the top of the page. You'll find a list of the latest news in a column on the right. Easy access to the science of your choice. The site is advertiser supported with ads following the general science page you are visiting. The home page provides an overview of the latest activities in most of the sciences. You can follow on the social networks and an RSS feed.