Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Nine Planets

Type: Website


Bill Arnett is the author of "The Nine Planets". The website is designed to give you an overview of "the planets, moons and Other objects in our solar system." While Bill provides the text information, most of the Images are provided by NASA.

The 'Home' page gives you a quick overview of what is available on the website. A menu at the top of the page provides quick access to six specific area. Drop down menus activate for the 'Planets' and 'Small Bodies' tabs. Towards the bottom of the page is a list of additional educational resources. At the bottom is a small menu with utility links.

Each of the pages describing and object have a profile and history about the object. The pages have paragraphs that are filled with images and links to more information about specific details. There are additional links for offsite information when appropriate. An interesting feature is the 'Open Issues' discussion at the end of the planet pages. The 'News' section appears to be a blog format page of the latest major space events. It is well written and has appropriate images and videos. When in the News section you will see a change in the top menu.

The website is full of the basic knowledge appropriate for a beginning understanding of our solar system. The site is very easy to navigate and intuitive. The website contains quite a bit of advertising that could slow delivery of pages on some systems.  If you are new to astronomy or starting you adventure looking up, this is a great place for you to reference.