Monday, April 8, 2013


EarthSky wants to “illuminate pathways to a sustainable future”. They do an excellent job with their website. Consisting of a variety of blogs, videos, faqs, and a page called Science Wire, you get a comprehensive look at space, Earth, and human world sciences and the latest news about them. There are many articles that describe the natural world around us and do so in an interesting and timely manor. The pictures and videos display the curiosity and imagination of an articulate editorial team. EarthSky Communications presents the 'news' and features in a two columned page format with a limited amount of commercial ads. Be sure to click on the 'Tonight' tab and discover the easy to use maps and charts for astronomers at all levels of expertise. Astronomy Essentials brings you “everything you need to know” about current natural events. Connect with EarthSky on the major social media and subscribe to the newsletter and RSS feeds.

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