Sunday, September 29, 2019

Science News

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Thanks to my Twitter follower @DillonBrout, I discovered another wonderful science website, Science News. Since 1921, it has been published by the Society for Science and the Public.The articles and news items that are presented here are meant to be independent, unbiased  coverage of a variety of scientific fields. The goal is to give the public information to appraise the news and events in the world around them. There is a print magazine and two other related websites that share items.

Life, Humans, Earth, Space and Physics are the main categories that are listed on the home page. Along with print articles, there are videos, data visualizations and more available. It is easy to find relevant articles and media for whatever your interest. A special section for students presents highly graphic and easy to read items with subject matter geared toward the younger reader. 

I found very minimal school and science related advertising on the website. Articles did include magazine and headline subscription promotions. Citation and author information can be found at the end of each article. 

I spent a wonderful afternoon exploring the various articles and reading the news. Of course, Space is my favorite section. I found very interesting reading in a number of articles by Lisa Grossman, the astronomy writer. Click on the link above and enjoy!

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