Sunday, January 10, 2021

Week 2


 News From Around The Web


Pioneering a way to keep very small satellites in orbit 

SpaceX Dragon capsule to make first of its kind science splashdown 

Space Station, Cygnus test technology for 5G communications, other benefits

A new NASA space telescope, SPHEREx, is moving ahead

China gears up for space station, cargo and crewed mission launches 

This Startup Plans to Build a Space Hotel and Replace the International Space Station 

Space Development Agency restores L3Harris, SpaceX contracts following protest

Chang'e 4 probe resumes work for 26th lunar day 

Chandra observations reveal extraordinary magnetar

Evidence of water movement found in meteorites that only recently fell to Earth

Future astronauts could use methane to make rocket fuel on Mars

Seven things to know about the NASA rover about to land on Mars 

FCC grants permission for polar launch of Starlink satellites

Chinese researchers obtain the most complete type Ia supernova template 

The five: space missions for 2021

Arecibo is Dead. Should We Build Its Replacement on the Moon?

Sunquakes likely triggered deep beneath solar surface 

NASA selects four small astrophysics missions for study

The world's first integrated quantum communication network 

Tom Cruise's SpaceX ride may set a new bar for spaceflight

Study of nebula IRAS 00500+6713 suggests its central star is unlike any seen before

Winds and jet streams found on the closest brown dwarf 

Tiny NASA cameras to watch commercial lander form craters on moon

A mysterious 'wobble' is moving Mars' poles around 


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