Friday, February 22, 2013 is a commercial space news aggregate. What sets this site apart is the quality and timeliness of the news items. The management team is well respected in the space and news communities. The website itself is easy to follow with stories sorted by country, commercial, unmanned and other categories. A unique feature of the website is a news subscription service called "L2" that provides a database of information that gives complete background documentation of practically any space related event. This paid service allows the free part of the website to provide even better coverage. The Forum section breaks down news and event items into various categories and lets users post comments. This interaction expands the knowledge base of all visitors. Many of the readers are industry specialists and participate in the Forum. Advertising on the site is minimal and doesn't seem to impede the flow of information. You can follow on Twitter and a RSS feed is also available. Add this one to your bookmarks.

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