Monday, February 4, 2013

Russian Federal Space Agency

The Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) website can be a challenge to navigate. First, the language choice for English did not work with my systems. Google Chrome handled the translations and I was able to visit most of the site. The home page presents launch information right at the top. Links to a site map and contact information are at the very top along with a search bar. There is a group of six menu links mid-page that take you to in-depth descriptions of: Activities of Roscosmos, Space Programs, International Cooperation, Legislation, Space Activities, and Information resources. These links and all above stay in place as you navigate the website. News, ISS activities, Blogs and a photo gallery are easy to access on the home page. The "Calendar Space Anniversaries" celebrates those who have been part of Roscosmos and some major events. Check out the "Glossary Of Terms Of Space" for interesting reading. Near the bottom of the home page you'll find access to other Federal Government sites. It appears that launches and other space activities are covered by Roskosmos TV Studio (

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